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“A simple 4% monthly Return on Capital equals ~ 50% yearly returns”

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- Mar’2022 onwards (options only) - Refer past trade for details

~ 50% ?

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▬ Why Us ▬

SEBI Registered Research analyst : Something to  get you started in believing us

Free Trials : Evaluate our FREE services for a month, and then only join us, if you wish too!

Transparency : All our trading ideas are published freely for you to see,

Track Record : All the past trading ideas in options, equity and value stock picks are shared on our website for everyone to see,

Realist : No tall claims, no fake promises, we know what to expect from stock markets (you will lose some trades in the journey),

Wisdom : Years and years of trading and investing experience in stock market,

Risk before Reward : We are profitable by managing out risks well, NOT profits

Educate : We share what we follow, hoping one day you can do it independently,

Support : As our extended family, we are here to help you in your trading journey,

We still believe in the age old saying of “Honesty is the Best Policy”, so we follow everything we teach and we trade everything we recommend.

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“I FEAR NOT a man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I FEAR the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times” – Bruce Lee


“Perfect Strategy” is a MYTH

Trading System hoping is an 100% guarantee for failure. Instead, we believe in mastering a few well tested and proven strategies, and repeat it over and over and over again. New can be exciting, but mostly not profitable

low performance

Risk before reward

If we don’t think like professionals – we will lose! And once you loose your capital, you can never win. For many professional traders, making 20% returns means a very good year


Process before Result

We stick to our proven, time-tested trading system and our process for consistency in our performance. Even if we lose many consecutive trades, for genuine reason, we won’t abandon our trading system and start looking for something new and exciting !

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Knowing when not to trade

If the charts are telling us not to trade – we won’t the entire week. Emotional, or Revenge trading has no place at 4percenttrader

trade boring

Make trading boring

Before entering the trade, we plan against each possible market outcome upfront, and take out the uncertainty, and make trading boring. If you are looking for excitement, then trading is not for you


Portfolio Matters More

A clear trading plan and capital allocation principle for equities, derivatives, and long terms value stock picks is key for long terms success in stock market.


Building any expertise need time, money, hard-work, discipline, sacrifices, and most importantly the willingness to grind through the process. Have you ever thought of what all it took for you to achieve whatever you have as of  today (just reflect for a while !) – probably a lot ! So what makes you think that trading will be any different!

Always remind yourself that almost 95% of the traders will lose money in the stock market, so being a part of other 5% is in your, and your hands only.

At 4percenttrader, we believe that our aim to generate super-consistent returns (even if small), over long-period of time will keep us ahead in the game. We promise to play our part, if you promise to do yours.

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▬ Testimonials ▬

What our customers say

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Clients at 4percenttraders just love us, They want to keep it as a secret from their friends & family since we are awesome at what we do for them 😉

Satisfied Customers
Krishan Kumar Srivastava
Krishan Kumar Srivastava
4 Percent Traders are really good at what they do. Their trades & strategies provide insane ROIs. Have got 37K in profits within 2 months. Mr. Sudhir is really honest & transparent. Looking for low risk, high returns and due risk management - Go for them 🙂 Keep it up
Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta
I would like to thank Subham from the 4percenttrader Center. This is a one-of-a-kind firm. I have yet to see a company that treats its client this way. Subham has been so helpful in every which way. It has been a pleasure to find a firm like this. The platform they use for trading is very easy to use and understand, I have not come across any technical difficulties and it has been a joy to work with. I highly recommend the 4percenttrader for any trader looking to receive the right service in their trading journey. The 4percenttrader and all its representatives are educated, knowledgeable and experienced. Thank-you
keyur parmar
keyur parmar
4percenttrade is a very good platform for all and it provide daily updates on market
Shanu verma
Shanu verma
Amazingly Transparent and Trust worthy - Keep up the good work guys ! I have been following 4percenttrader since quite sometime, and have tracked their performance calls for quite sometime now. To my surprise, even-though their performance seemed great - they told me not to trade any of their their ideas, and just observe instead - since are not SEBI licensed yet (who does that !). I have also purchased one of their course content, which is quite good, and will definitely buy more, once I get more confidence in applying what I have purchased.
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1 years ago

4 Percent Trader
Watch our weekly market analysis of markets and stocks to trade ? youtu.be/48mqfg1XDWkOur low-risk trading performance so far... ... See MoreSee Less
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1 years ago

4 Percent Trader
Consistent performance month on month. Closing Oct again with profit of ~1,25,000. Register on our website to receive such ideas for FREE for next 2-month. Watch our weekly analysis video: youtu.be/DGPBlADbKaU ... See MoreSee Less
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1 years ago

4 Percent Trader
We have done it AGAIN and generated > 1.1lac in profits for Oct month -with 10-days still to go ! ... See MoreSee Less
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NO. We are an company, but use other software’s such as sensibull, opstra, tradingview, chartink etc – but we don’t ask our customers to subscribe to anyone of them, neither are we associated to any of them.
No trade can be guaranteed to give 100% profit. Our endvour is to select trades with high probability of success, but we may still end up loosing
Most of the time yes. But any black swan event, or news impacting stock prices significantly – we may have to exit at higher losses than planned for.
We publish all our trades for educational purposes only, AND our customer ant obliged to take them. They are adviced to use their own discretion.
We have our own process to first identify the stocks to trade, then our own proprietary methodology for scoring each trade on various parameters and then and then only we recommend the best possible trading ideas.
The pre-requisite (Optionflix-1) is an optional course for you to take. Rest of the courses can be purchased individually too.
It can take upto 48-hours for your acess to be enabled from the backend. Incase you are still not able to see it – contact helpdesk.
One month subscription is a MUST for you to buy higher duration plan. We want our customers to have time in building trusts in our services before upgrading in higher plans. Note: You can only purchase 1-month plan once, thereafter you have to subscribe to higher duration plans if you wish too
We believe in being transparency on our trades, hence the reason to post some free trades on ‘Social Trading” forum for anyone to see how our trades work (NOTE: there is no option to adjust the trades here – a loosing trade here may be profitable via the risk management adjustments we do)
We do take risk reward into account, but if the probability of success is very high then we are OK to have a lower risk-reward. In the end – what matters is cash flow I,e how much money have you made, hence return on capital. We do target even more than 4% ROC, if the trading conditions permit it, else we get out on meeting our target.
Once subscription is activated, you will get all the new trading ideas only for the next 30-days. If you still have any previous open trade on 31st day we will help you close it.

If you are trading with us, you have to be alert on the channel for any message. Incase, you miss it due to whatever reason,
managing the trade may be difficult later on, and you may have to bear more losses than planned. The responsibility lies on you for
timely execution of all advices. Their may be minor difference in execution prices, as markets move continuously, but that’s OK.