Earn Consistent Income, Trading Low Risk High Return Options Strategies

“A simple 4% monthly return on capital means ~ 50% returns in an year”

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Thanks to the low entry barrier kept by SEBI – post covid era has led to huge influx of retail traders into options market. But, the sad unfortunate and truth that almost the 95% of the “retail traders” loose significant amount of capital sooner than later and eventually quitting the options market. So why does the majority looses but only a few are successful ?

1 Listen and INvest

1.) Listening to others:
- News Channel
- Friends and relatives
- Trading vs. gambling

1 Sure Shot Target

2.) Unrealistic Expectation:
- Fake Advertisement Trap
- Chasing Trading Accuracy
- Quick rich trades

1 UP and Down

3.) Emotional Trading:
- Not taking small loss
- Revenge & Over Trading
- Averaging losing trades


Additionally, the other key market participants  are the big FII’s, the DII’s and the Pro-Desks too. All these big institutions are normally profitable in the end – so guess who looses ! (option is a zero sum game). A retails is actually competing against institutions having:

1 Sophisticated software

4.) Sophisticated Algos:
- Access to layers of data
- Sophisticated Algorithms
- Clear trade recommendation

1 Big Pocket Money

5.) Huge Accounts:
- Account size in millions
- Multiple positions
- Trap retailers easily

1 Risk Danger

6.) Risk Management:
- Written rules
- Disciplined trading
- Non-Emotional trading


Most retailer traders, dependent on their broker’s software, without proper discipline will find it tough to compete against a good retail trader, forget competing big institutions.

Our mission at 4percenttrader is simply – “To help retail traders earn consistently via trading options by just being DISCIPLINED”

So, if you want to be a successful trader and you are someone,

– who can be disciplined and be patience,

           – who won’t panic easily and chase the markets,

– who won’t  bend rules to any trades,         

                                                                                          – and, who won’t chase the myths of “95% accuracy calls, sure-shot profits, 100% returns etc”

then you have come to right place…………..else just close the website and do something better with your valuable time.