Our Philosphy

At 4percenttrader.com we believe more in the process than the result. If we are thorough in our analysis, if we are not taking shortcuts, if we are not here to take revenge for a loss making trade and lastly if we are not breaking our well defined proven rules – we know that in the end we will be profitable.

“I FEAR NOT a man who has practiced 10000 kicks one, but I FEAR the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times” – Bruce Lee

As options is a zero sum game – If you loose, someone else ,make money. Mostly the big institutions are the one who end up with decent profits (15-20% yearly is good for them !), while retail traders like us, often end up on the losing side.

In options alone, there are more than 100 different strategies freely available to trade, plus the big institutions have even more proprietary strategies to trade. Furthermore with algo trading becoming more and more dominant (no emotions involved) form to trade – beating the big guys is more difficult than it ever was.

In-spite of that, there are still a lot of retail traders who are consistently profitable – WHY ?

The answer to that is emotionless strict discipline.

In long run, it’s better to just pick up few strategies suited to your style of trading, master them by trading it over and over and over again without breaking your rules. Chances are that you will also be consistently profitable trading options.

This is exactly what we do at 4percenttrader – follow the process with discipline and consistency.