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Our service, ranges from offering well-researched readymade trading ideas for execution in equities and derivatives, to learning courses for risk management in option trade, to various investments ideas in fundamentally sound companies at right valuation, to lastly on proven trading strategies for regular income generation.

Equity Trading Ideas

Trading in equities offers a low risk way to enter into the trading world, and build confidence in your trades. Our equities services are especially suited for customers looking for low risk-high reward trades, with lower capital, OR whoever is beginning.

Options Trading Ideas

Derivatives offer a much higher reward per trade, but it comes with higher risk too. Our proprietary methodology helps us to filter high probability trade setups, alongside continuous support on risk management of the trade, throughout the lifecycle.

Value Stock Pick Ideas

Buying fundamentally good stock, at low valuation, having good future prospects, and that too at good technical levels is core to success investment. We don’t believe in BUY and HOLD forever philosophy, rather keep rotating our capital on regular basis

Guaranteed Scheme : 15% per year

Instead of investing in FD, you can give your capital as LOAN, and you get a guaranteed 15% assured return per year paid monthly. Your capital is protected (registered agreement in place), and beat FD and Inflation easily. Capital range 5 - 15lakh.

We make learning about stock market easy for you

With plethora of educational content freely available over web on various topics, it’s easy to get confused in distilling out the exact rules to follow, let’s say on an indicator like RSI or MACD or Moving Average.

On top, most people even apply the simplest strategy of buying or selling an unhedged call or put options incorrectly, without having sufficient knowledge of when to use them, and how to manage those trade, if it goes against you.

Whatever your skill level be, if you even have an slightest of doubts in your mind – just get it clarified. You never know the cost of a simple mistake, unless it happens.

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