What to Expect?

At 4percenttrader, we understand that expertise requires investment in time, discipline, and hard work. Have you ever thought how much you have spent on your education to get yourself where you are today – probably a lot !

Unlocking Financial Success:  Our approach focuses on consistent, long-term returns to outperform the market. With a target of 4-5% return per trade in options, translating to approximately 50% annual returns, we aim to foster enduring relationships with our clients, guiding them towards financial goals and trading career development. We prioritize strict discipline in our trading, investments, customer service, and continuous improvement to deliver superior returns.

Through our educational courses, we empower traders to learn and operate independently. We take pride in nurturing your journey towards becoming a proficient trader and savvy stock picker.

You will get – 

All our trades are updated in our website on daily basis, and archived once the month is finished. We also add appropriate screenshots etc in our final report to build trust on our recommended ideas.

All our trading ideas have clear risk and reward outlined for each trade, so that you have visibility to decide if the trade fits into your risk appetite or not.

For all our options trade, we not only share the trading idea, but also continuously guide provide all the risk management steps, especially if the trade goes against

Once any service is purchased, you get all the future updates free, for that course, reply to your doubts and queries, and sometimes even access to bonus content.

We will provide proper report on all the stocks under our value pick services, to that you know why or why not you are in the stock

We will never – 

We will never make unrealistic claims sureshot calls OR doubling your money OR never to make mistake, to lure you into joining us. Follow us FREE for a month and decide yourself.

We never go against our trading plan, especially on risk management. But sometimes – we do take calculated risk for higher potential returns.

Our customers are absolutely free to deice on taking our recommendation – If
you don’t agree with us. Just don’t take the trades we have identified, if you are not convinced. Remember – our philosophy may be different than yours.

Although it’s becoming an common practice for people to share snapshot of their trading account, but we don’t believe in doing that. Our customer know what we have shared and they speak for themselves instead.

We never take any steps against something we don’t believe-in, and strictly enforce our company policy to our employees. At the same time we will never tolerate any disrespect to our employees from any customers too.