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About Us
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Transparency and Honesty

We believe that TRUST can only be built overtime with honest, transparency and walking the talk, not by making tall promises.

We are not perfect traders, sometimes we also make mistakes, but we are very quick to learn from it, and never repeat it. We continuously strive to improve our trading performance, and review our past trades and investments, so that we can offer BEST SERVICES to our customers all the time.

We really hope that sharing our knowledge will our fellow customers will help them trade independently in future.

~ 50%

Returns annually ?



Founder & CEO

My journey started back, when I was a 10-years old kid. Every night on DD-National (yes – it still exists !) we used to watch new, and somehow I just got hooked to the news anchor saying nifty went up by 10-points or down by 12-points today. Off-course I had no clue  about what is was, but nifty going up felt nice.

Years later in 2008, fresh graduate from IIT, I stepped in stock market and bought stocks which people in my office told me too. With beginners luck when the market hit upper circuit in May 2009 – I made my first big profit. Highly confident – I started thinking BIG, and  bought lot of penny stock later-on, based on random advice from subscription services & viola – I lost much more than I had earned ! In 2010 I decided to get out of stock market, but revenge was still on my mind (how dare I lost to market !)

Few years later in 2013, I read articles on how people made big money trading options, and it dawned to me that why the hell did I trade equities when I clearly options was the better choice. After some you-tubing, I was good to go! I started to trade exclusively in naked call & puts listening to news channel daily on what their view on the market was. Mostly I used to buy far OTM options (as they were cheap) & would often average it down (sometimes twice in a day) whenever I was at a loss. But I was going not making enough money! So I decided to increase my  ROI, and  bought a huge quantity of OTM call basis views from experts in news channels. As fated – I ended up in a even bigger loss. Now my revenge was finished and I decided never to return to market again, but I still kept watching on how many points Nifty was going up and down.

Fast forward to 2015, I decided to formally educate myself in technical analysis and started trading small (200/- loss per trade) with discipline just to learn. After few months of  disciplined trading  controlling the greed to make quick money, and learning from my every trade that I had journaled – I achieved consistency in trading and started making money. Overtime, I refined to the rules I had learnt and added few more of my own rules to manage my risk appetite even better.

Now, I trade in futures, but my favorite is options. I have become extremely disciplined and consistent in following my rules, keep doing things that work (it’s boring now !) and instead of venturing-out to learn 100’s of strategies but decided to master 10-12 options strategies and trade them only to make consistent profits. Occasionally, I will do take a slightly riskier trades, but with strict stop-loss in place.

If your trading journey also seems similar to mine, even in bits and pieces, then you MUST start working on yourself now, before it’s too late. I cannot teach you self discipline and control, but we can definitely equip you with process to setup and manage your own trades a lot better.

Sugam Picture

Sugam Kashyap

(Co-founder, Investor)

I have always been fascinated by how the financial markets work, ever since I had my first lesson on basic economics. The terms demand-supply, pricing, GDP, Inflation etc gripped me with a lot of interest on why and what are these things improtant in the first place. Very early after introducing myself to stock market in 2007, I started following few of the big companies stock prices movement with their results.

After doing MBA in Finance (an obvious choice for me by then!), I got myself certified in Investment banking, I started to do a lot of fundamental and technical analysis of stocks myself. With knowledge on my side, and learning even more from some formal education on market analysis – I started building my own process and tools for stock market analysis, it’s cyclicity, which companies do well in what situation and why etc etc,

Once I started to gain profits on my own investment, i started to share this knowledge in my trusted friends circle and explain them my process for a particular stock selection and why it’s a good value investment. Slowly and steadily, I was able to grow my circle of influence and just shared this information freely to whoever needed it. It used to give me immense satisfaction, when someone thanked me if they made money from my research information.

 Nevertheless, I really-really feel sad when I see retail investors loosing their hard-earned money following trap to fake website or people offering big returns in short amount of time or blindly following anyone who appears at TV or any other media channel – just to lose money ! I hope SEBI keep doing the good work on investor education to avoid people from getting trapped in this web of fake advices.

Most of my time goes now in fundamental analysis of companies and combining them with sound technical analysis and invest them in various buckets of short/mid/long term horizon, or in cyclical stocks, or identifying the next multi-bagger. I share this principles and philosophy across as well to anyone who wants to genuinely learn the art of evaluating companies. I often take trades based purely on technical analysis too, if it meets my criteria to trade and manage my risk well.

I strongly believe that if you are serious about growing your wealth from stock market, then you must explore and take advantage of different styles of Investing approach to make your hard-earned money work hard for you too, while managing your overall risk well. 

So if you are someone with patience and discipline, then I can definetly help you in achieving your financial goals.


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Our Business Team

Our Philosophy

At 4percenttrader.com we believe more in the process than the result. If we are thorough in our analysis, if we are not taking shortcuts, if we are not here to take revenge for a loss making trade and ….

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See how you can make your money go further by investing at 4 Percent Traders

Equity Trading Ideas

Trading in equities offers a low risk way to enter into the trading world, and build confidence in yourself. Our equities services are suited for customers looking for low risk, high reward trades, with lower capital.

Options Trading Ideas

Futures and Options offer a much high reward per trade, but it comes with higher risk too. Our proprietary methodology help us to filter high probability trade setups, alongside continuous support on risk management throughout the lifecycle of the trade.

Value Stock Picks

Buying fundamentally good stock, at low valuation, having good future prospects, and that too at good technical levels is the centre-piece of success investment. We don’t believe in BUY and HOLD forever philosophy, infact every successful investor must rotate his capital regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions, You can connect us at helpdesk if it doesn’t helps 

NO. We are an company, but use other software’s such as sensibull, opstra, tradingview, chartink etc – but we don’t ask our customers to subscribe to anyone of them, neither are we associated to any of them.

No trade can be guaranteed to give 100% profit. Our endvour is to select trades with high probability of success, but we may still end up loosing

Most of the time yes. But any black swan event, or news impacting stock prices significantly – we may have to exit at higher losses than planned for.

We publish all our trades for educational purposes only, AND our customer ant obliged to take them. They are adviced to use their own discretion.

We have our own process to first identify the stocks to trade, then our own proprietary methodology for scoring each trade on various parameters and then and then only we recommend the best possible trading ideas.

The pre-requisite (Optionflix-1) is an optional course for you to take. Rest of the courses can be purchased individually too.

It can take upto 48-hours for your acess to be enabled from the backend. Incase you are still not able to see it – contact helpdesk.

One month subscription is a MUST for you to buy higher duration plan. We want our customers to have time in building trusts in our services before upgrading in higher plans. Note: You can only purchase 1-month plan once, thereafter you have to subscribe to higher duration plans if you wish too

We believe in being transparency on our trades, hence the reason to post some free trades on ‘Social Trading” forum for anyone to see how our trades work (NOTE: there is no option to adjust the trades here – a loosing trade here may be profitable via the risk management adjustments we do)

We do take risk reward into account, but if the probability of success is very high then we are OK to have a lower risk-reward. In the end – what matters is cash flow I,e how much money have you made, hence return on capital. We do target even more than 4% ROC, if the trading conditions permit it, else we get out on meeting our target.

Once subscription is activated, you will get all the new trading ideas only for the next 30-days. If you still have any previous open trade on 31st day we will help you close it.

If you are trading with us, you have to be alert on the channel for any message. Incase, you miss it due to whatever reason,
managing the trade may be difficult later on, and you may have to bear more losses than planned. The responsibility lies on you for timely execution of all advices. Their may be minor difference in execution prices, as markets move continuously, but that’s OK.

In options alone, there are more than 100 different strategies freely available to trade, plus the big institutions have even more proprietary strategies to trade. Furthermore with algo trading becoming more and more dominant (no emotions involved) form to trade – beating the big guys is more difficult than it ever was.

In-spite, there are still a lot of retail traders who are consistently profitable – WHY ?

The answer is to that is emotionless strict discipline.

In long run, it’s better to just pick up few strategies suited to your style of trading, master them by trading it over and over and over again without breaking your rules. Chances are that you will also be consistently profitable trading options.

This is exactly what we do at 4percenttrader – follow the process with discipline and consistency.